In What Ways Is the Equipment Rental Industry Likely to Change in 2020 and Beyond?

Even though equipment rentals has become an established industry, as with all things in life, nothing is constant and change is imminent. Since we’ve recently progressed into a whole new year, a post regarding the likely changes to occur in 2020 and beyond is in order. So what could we potentially be looking at?

equipment rental industry

1. Embracing the digital era

Whether it be event rentals or tool rentals, the whole process of doing business is likely to be done more or less in a digital environment rather than on paper. From the customers’ perspective, this will up the level of customer experience and satisfaction, since it’s easier to personalize things in such an environment and answer their queries as they come. Rental software will also make it easier to manage customer orders every step along the way and make everything much more manageable for all the parties involved.

2. VR will make it easier to get familiar with heavy equipment

Without the necessary training, construction services providers stand an increased likelihood of sustaining physical harm due to a lack of experience operating certain heavy equipment. As you probably already know, in the heavy equipment rental industry, it’s rather standard for the provider to offer some kind of training to the end-user. The good news is, VR will make it so much easier for one to obtain the necessary training without throwing oneself in harm’s way, not to mention that you can put on a VR headset anytime, anywhere, as opposed to attending the classes wherever they happened to be hosted.

3. Equipment will become more autonomous

Speaking of safety and convenience, wouldn’t be nice to have the option to operate a huge piece of heavy equipment from afar by using nothing more than your smartphone? To a certain point, this semi-autonomous concept has already been put into practice. Since being able to operate big and small tool rental pieces from afar, we are likely to see this being put into action even more frequently in 2020. In fact, autonomy is a concept widely embraced by many heavy equipment rental companies out there. Although we’ve yet to see full-blown integration, the future indeed looks bright.

4. More units that are fully hybrid and electric

If we were to speak in terms of ownership, hybrid and electric equipment units are a pure win, since they make much more economic sense. Those who are environmentally aware also appreciate the fact that these are much less of a pollutant. In 2020 and beyond, it’s safe to expect an increased number of these units hitting the market.


What’s great about the future is that it’s slowly becoming the present, and with the advancement of technology, more options become available for business owners. The ability to save more money, pollute the environment less and be much safer in general is something that no one can argue against. So get hyped for the new year and all the nice things it promises to introduce!