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Supply Wagon Rentals Also Provides General Construction Services

At Supply Wagon Rentals, our general construction services are second to none. As a distinguished construction company that is well-rooted in every aspect of construction including building construction especially the design, installation, and management of building services, we pull all the stops to ensure all the right boxes are ticked, in making our clients satisfied.

Over the years, Supply Wagon Rentals has been in the business of developing and refining methods and strategies to efficiently control time, cost, and quality of the work we churn out in our clients’ construction program. We develop and optimize strategies for procurement and phase construction,  cost and quality control, and post-occupancy assessment.

As seasoned construction contractors, with relevant years of experience, we have the professional depth and ethical standards to convey the best construction services in the country. We embody an efficient workforce that spans both the mechanical and electrical aspects of building services.

General construction services

Our general construction services include:

  • New Construction
  • Building Additions
  • Building Renovations
  • Building Restorations
  • Excavation
  • Tree Work
  • Plowing

Many facets of our building construction services typically constitute the architectural and structural plan of a building. For instance, the vertical and horizontal routes for piping and outwork systems, the sizes, weights, and location of major equipment and plant, etc. Therefore, our building and construction services designs are unified into the overall building design from an early stage, especially on large building projects.

Our mechanical and electrical services departments work closely with the architects, getting rid of interference and conflicts between building services installations and any other ongoing building construction. We avoid these interferences to prevent delays, alterations, wastage of materials, dismantling, etc to serve you better.

At Supply Wagon Rentals, we aim to provide a profound experience. Therefore, our consistent cooperation creates orderliness, which leads to time and cost-effective operations on site.

We understand that different clients translate to different demands. Our adaptability and resilience allow us to deliver to your’ satisfaction whether the design is more conventional and relatively low in cost or more advanced, and high in the budget.


With the quality of our team, we are confident in handling large scale projects that require a high level of professionalism, diligent execution and constant evaluation throughout the project.

Positive Relationships

We maintain positive working relationships with our contractors and suppliers to ensure the smooth execution of your project, coupled with our high ethical standards of treating everyone fairly. 


We have the experience necessary to efficiently and effectively tackle the problems that arise during the construction process. We also hold an open flow of communication with all stakeholders to make sure your construction project objectives and timelines are being consistently met.

Supply Wagon Rentals has been in the general construction business for over a decade. It is the heart of our business, and we are here to serve the community. We know what quality looks like and also know exactly how to achieve it. As a construction firm, we can use our team of talented construction contractors to deliver great work that is on-time and within budget.