equipment rentals and event rentals for all your needs

All Your Equipment Rental and Event Rental Needs

Event rentals are an essential part of making any event memorials. Without the provision of construction rentals, portable toilets, small tools rentals, and other materials used in events, clients like yourself would have had to but these materials or choose not to host events. And I’m sure we like neither of these options. 

Supply wagon isn’t any other rental service. 

  • We help you by instructing you on how to use the tools properly.
  • We evaluate your needs and find the right tools that you will need.
  • We deliver quality on schedule. 

Supply wagon ensures you do not waste additional cost on tools you don’t need. 

As a family-owned business, we understand the value of the love and connection you’d share in your events. For over ten years, we have served the community professionally and in the best ways possible. 

Our Tool Rentals Include Services to Cater For Your 

  • Event rentals
  • Heavy equipment 
  • Portable toilets 
  • Small tools rentals
  • Construction services and other needs.

Supply wagon rentals truly fit all your needs in any way we can. 

I imagine you want to throw a party or host the event of the year; you’d want the best. In our lives, we experience many things from birthdays, weddings, new years, and Christmases. We want you to remember all these moments as happy times. To do that, we provide you with beautiful setups at affordable prices. Now, you can have amazing parties that no one will forget. 

Weddings: Are you planning on getting married? We allow you to create what you want how you want. With a growing trend of outdoor weddings, parties, and ceremonies, Supply Wagon Rentals help you beat the elegance of indoor occasions. Fancy upstate towns such as Johnstown, Mayfield, and Broadalbin are perfect for your outdoor events. 

With such beautiful scenery, you’ll need matching elegant rentals that only Supply Wagon rental can provide. 

Graduations: After years of hard work in pursuit of a degree, everyone deserves to celebrate the success of such accomplishments. Graduations are the perfect time to eat and drink with friends and family. Getting as unserious as you possibly can after graduating is a feeling we all look forward to once we graduate. Enjoying the smell of barbecue, a couple of drinks, and friends under the night sky can be a perfect way to celebrate. 

We also provide the facilities and rentals you will need to make sure your event goes on without a hitch. 

Birthday parties:There’s no better time to stuff your face with cake. The day we were born is important. Without that day, we wouldn’t be alive. Our rental service can change a regular birthday party to the most memorable one yet. Although you’ve been doing the same thing every year, our equipment rentals are sure to make it unique this time around. 

No matter the occasion, you can count on our construction services to deliver the best party ever. We also offer heavy equipment rentals, so you do not need to worry. Whatever your needs may be, we can get it done.